Range Names in Microsoft Excel

 Range names are a powerful tool that can enhance the presentation of accounting information in Microsoft Excel. In this tutorial, we will explore how to effectively use range names to organize and summarize data in Excel.

Range names are custom names given to a specific group of cells in Excel. Instead of referring to cells by their cell references, such as A1 or B3, we can assign a meaningful name to a range of cells, making it easier to understand and work with the data.

Using range names can make formulas and functions more readable and maintainable. For example, instead of writing a complex formula that refers to multiple cells, we can simply use the range name in the formula. This not only reduces the chances of errors but also improves the efficiency of our calculations.

One of the key benefits of using range names is the ability to create dynamic and flexible formulas. By assigning a name to a range, we can easily update the range with new data. This eliminates the need to manually update formulas, saving us time and effort.


By using the keystrokes – Control Tilde, we can  also audit the formulae created in the spreadsheet.

In conclusion, using range names in Microsoft Excel can improve the presentation and analysis of accounting information. By assigning meaningful names to cell ranges, we can enhance the readability, maintainability, and flexibility of our spreadsheets.

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